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Available Courses:

The Pathway to Purpose series is available to New Covenant Church members and regular attenders.

If you would like more information please complete the Interest Form by clicking on the link below.

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Christianity 101

This 12-lesson course covers the basics of the Christian faith. It will disciple new believers and equip them to help disciple others. 

Welcome to Membership

In this course, we look at Church membership, what it is and why it matters. Completion of this course is one of the requirements of membership at New Covenant Church.

Learning to Serve: Jesus as Role Model

This 12-lesson course teaches the servant life-style of Jesus. It will help learners put His ministry life-style into practice in their ministry. 

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Your Guide: The Holy Spirit

A course about the very important relationship we have with our ultimate Guide to God's pathway to Purpose -the Holy Spirit. 

Welcome to Your Ministry

This 12-lesson course teaches the important truth that God has called and gifted all believers for ministry, and challenges them to get involved in ministry in the church. 

Panorama of the Bible

This 12 lesson course features easy-to-remember visuals for each of the 12 Bible periods. Learners will be enthused as they learn and remember the big picture of the Bible’s content and message. 

Your Ministry of Prayer

This 12-lesson course is a study of prayer in Scripture, and challenges learners to become involved in a significant ministry of prayer. 

Your Ministry at Home

This 12 lesson study course provides practical principles in how to establish and maintain a truly Christian home.  

Outreach as a Lifestyle

This 12-lesson course will train people in how to develop friendships which will lead to sharing Christ with them. 

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Courses are coming!

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